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Summer Yurts


Winter Yurts

In the Factory

Ger with satellite dish and chimney
Dish and wood stove
Ger interior colors
Interior Colors

5 year old yurt
-18f Outdoors

Yurt insulation on the rolling sewing table
Sewing on a rolling table

Bare yurt frame
Large standing yurt frame

Kazak Yurt Interior
Kazak Cool

Clearing the yurt tono
Clearing the yurt tono

Sewing a yurt liner
Sewing a yurt liner

Yurt and mountain about sunset.
About sunset

Yurt tono cover from the inside.
Colorful tono cover

Small stove heating a large yurt as -18f.
Salty horse milk tea

Yurt cover on the floor.
Yurt cover on the floor

Three yurts in a row.
Sunny yurts
Inside yurt Roof Decorations
Inside decorations

Lunch in a yurt, -18f outside.
After lunch

Marking size on a package yurt
Marking the size
Yurts on the exposed ridge
Old yurts on the ridge

Kate in a yurt.
Kate of the yurt

Yurts in the -18f snow.
It was cold

Slipping a cover on a finished yurt cover.
Slipping on protection

A roadside yurt in Heavenly Vallery.
Roadside Yurt
Yurt door
Door and details

Yurts along the creek
A little protection

Yurt packages everywhere.
Stacked everywhere