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The Standard YurtLocker Yurt includes:
     Metal Frame
     36" Wide Metal Batwing doors
     Insulated Fabric Top (Roof) Cover
     Insulated Fabric Door Cover
     Insulated Fabric Tono Cover
     Insulated Fabric Walls with vinyl windows, (*as detailed below)
     Nuts and Bolts, Wrenches, Cordage, and Instructions needed to erect your yurt.
*Three vinyl windows in yurts larger than 20 feet diameter with internal zippered clear vinyl, bug screen, and external insulated covering,
       With the door as 6:00 o'clock the windows are at approximately11:00, 4:00 and 8:00.
       Approximate metric window sizes:  One - 60cm. X 120cm,   Two - 60cm X 80cm
       Approximate English Window sizes:  One - 24" X 48",  Two - 24" X 32"

Typical delivery time is 6 to 8 weeks.  All Prices are Quoted in US Dollars, FOB Seattle, WA

Basic Pricing Information and General Specifications Using Feet, Inches and Pounds.   Click Here
Basic Pricing Information and General Specifications Using Metric Measurements.       Click Here

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To place an order, if the links are broken, for dealer inquiries, or for more information please email:   Rod@yurtlocker.com
More info concerning options, as they become available.